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Ultra Facial Hair Care Products


Bearwash is the Ultra facial hair product line that includes a non-toxic shampoo and separate conditioner. Our Mission is to bring you some of the finest ingredients that will help the look and feel of your beard !

Here are some FAQ's about Bearwash:

- Why are Bearwash products a good choice for my beard and haircare?

  Bearwash Shampoo and Conditioner products do not contain animal-derived ingredients, and are not tested on animals.  These products work together to help keep the face clean of excess oils, and provide an emollient (softening) effect on your hair. 

- What's new with Bearwash?

We have our first Bear-care salon offering Bearwash products in their facials and bodycare services!!! We're excited to be working with the talented staff at Oui, Three Queens Productions in San Fransisco!  Check out their website and stop by and treat yourself to some 'Bear Care' and some pampering!:

We've realeased a new packaged Shampoo/Conditioner 2 oz. (59 ml) travel-sized duo pack which is perfect for carry-on air travel! It's available right now at our online resellers, The Twisted Bear, at Rock Hard on Castro Street in San Francisco and available 24/7 at Steamworks in Berkeley (check our online ordering, and retail locations tabs for more information and ordering!)

-Where will Bearwash be available next in retail stores?

We're now available at PULP DC in Washington, D.C, and at Doghouse Leathers, in Seattle, WA !  
Not near one of our retail resellers? No problem! Check out our online retailer, Thetwistedbear.com (click on the secure online ordering tab on the left to order) !!

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